This is the Mendip Shooting Ground version of FITASC, called VITASC after Vernon (the ground owner) who put the original concept together. MSG have put together 18 traps that throw challenging targets in a fairly small area, but larger that the 5 trap. As with 5 Trap you will get targets from any of these 18 traps, the sequence and traps varying week by week.

What is VITASC

Vernon put this together to mirror a FITASC layout in order to give our regular FITASC shooters a layout to practise. Must have worked since quite a few of our regulars are in the Somerset FITASC team and Somerset has won the South Western Championship team prize for at least the last 4 years !!

Shooting VITASC

Vitasc.gif - 20564 Bytes

The diagram is really for a regulation FITASC shoot but it gives a good idea of what is available at MSG. In a typical FITASC competition each layout is approached by a group of 6. From an open firing point (one metre circle, 6 circles in total), they shoot a selection of targets fired from differing traps. Singles are fired first, followed by doubles, until all shooters have fired from all of the positions. There is no set layout but it is down to the referee's decision, as all targets must be fired in safe directions. A shooter must have the gun out of the shoulder from the moment the target is called for and up until the target becomes visible. In VITASC there are up to 5 firing points and 25 targets. On the day the number of stands and the traps that the targets are thrown from vary. Single/Double targets are fired when the shooter calls with their gun out of their shoulder. The score is simply formed from how many targets are broken by a shooter.


Basically you can use the same set-up as for English Sporting, if possible using a 30"-32" barrel. A Multi choke is recommended, as it is normal to change chokes on a section.
The best loads to use would be 28 - 32 gr. with plastic wads, and sizes vary from 7-9. A load of up to 36 gr. in competitions could actually be used but these have heavy recoil that most shooters find tiring over a long day shooting. Rules are not too formal in this event and it is best to take a large selection of shells for varying circumstances as you are also allowed two shots. Please note that cartridge rules apply at MSG so some of these options are NOT available.