• Entry Fee: £10 per entry (does not include clays and cartridges)
  • High Gun Prize £100 - High Gun awarded for every 20 completed entries
  • £100 Donation to charity – Mendip First Responders - for every 20 completed entries
  • Opening Date: 6th May 2018
  • Last Card to be handed in on: 2nd September 2018
  • Shoot as a group or as an individual shooter. You can shoot at any time (with an independent umpire) between Opening and Last Card dates.
  • Scores will be placed on the score board in the club house.

The Competition:

3 rounds of English Skeet:
1 x 25 with .410
1 x 25 with 20 gauge
1 x 25 with 12 gauge
Total of all three rounds is your score

Mendip Rules:

  • The competition is open to all comers, members and non-members
  • Only Mendip Shooting Ground Cartridges may be used.
  • Enter as many times as you like BUT you must complete all three rounds (.410, 20g and 12g) BEFORE re-entering the competition, total of all three rounds is your score.
  • Additional “pools” will only open when already “open” pools have 20 participants
  • High Gun will only be awarded to the same person twice throughout the season.
  • The competition is for:
  •           Charity
  •           Prize Money
  •           Glory!
  •           Fun!
  • In the event of a tie there will be a sudden death shootout. Target to be selected by Mendip Shooting Ground…IT MAY NOT BE A SKEET TARGET
  • Gun hire is available @ £3.00 per gun – Gun hire fee will go to Mendip First Responders – Please note that a valid current shotgun certificate must be presented if you wish to hire a gun from the shooting ground.

For those not familiar with English Skeet the sequence of targets is as follows:

25 Targets will be shot at in the following sequence:-
     Station 1 Two singles (H L) and a double (H L)
     Station 2 Two singles (H L) and a double (H L)      Station 3 Two singles (H L)
     Station 4 Two singles (H L) and a double (shooter nominates first target of double to be           shot – if not selected prior to shooting it will be “pair lost”)
     Station 5 Two singles (H L)
     Station 6 Two singles (H L) and a double (L H)
     Station 7 Two singles (L H) and a double (L H)
(H = High House, L = Low House)

  • To complete the round of 25 targets, the first missed target will be repeated and the result will be recorded as the twenty-fifth shot. However, should the competitor hit twenty-four targets in the required sequence on stations one through seven, they shall have the “choice” of shooting the twenty-fifth as either a High or Low House target from station seven.
  • A visible broken piece of the target shot must be seen to count as a hit
  • Umpire’s decision is final – no discussion will be entered into.

Events 2018

Notable Dates

Good Friday 30th March        


Easter Monday 2nd April        


Thursday 5th April

Start of Thursday late night opening 4pm - 9pm

Thursday 27th September

End of Thursday late night opening

Club Competitions

English Skeet

Sunday 1st April


Sunday 6th May

Pro Sporting

Sunday 3rd June

Arthur Hill Cup
100 Bird English Sporting

Sunday 24th June


Sunday 1st July

50 Bird English Sporting

Sunday 5th August

Gurkha Charity Shoot

Saturday 18th August


Sunday 2nd September

2 Man Flush

Sunday 2nd October

Christmas Turkey Shoot

Sunday 18th December

Air Rifle Competitions

Sunday 25th March 2018           SWEFTA Round 4

Bonfire Night & Fireworks

This will be held on Tuesday 6th November 2018