5 Trap


This is the Mendip Shooting Ground version of Compaq Sporting. In a small area MSG have put together about 8 or more traps that throw challenging targets. You will get targets from any 5 of these traps, the sequence and traps varying week by week.

What is 5 Trap

5 Trap is a fun idea that allows all the usual targets from English and International sporting to be combined into a competition that can be shot in a small area. Set on our 5 trap layout, five firing points are available, along with up to 8 traps. These traps can be differing types of target for example Rabbit or Springing teal, long range crossers and high tower clays.

Shooting 5 Trap

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(Please note the diagram is for illustration purposes only and this is not shot on a Skeet layout at MSG). Five shooter's change firing points every sequence of 5 targets throughout the 25 that makes up a round. Single/Double targets are fired when the shooter calls with their gun out of their shoulder. The score is simply formed from how many targets are broken by a shooter.


An open choked sport gun is most suitable for this discipline, as most targets will not be fired at a very distant range. Sometimes more distant targets are presented in which case a multi choked gun would be more adaptable for layouts with these special differences.
A typical 28gr cartridge will suffice with the use of a plastic wad, and around size 8. This will give a dense pattern suitable for this discipline.

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Mendip Shooting Ground's Tuition and 5 Trap Layouts