as part of Karting and Shooting Package:

• Every driver / shooter must be 16 years or over.

• Once a booking is made Mendip Shooting Ground or South West Karting must be notified of ANY changes to driver / shooter numbers (more or less) with at least 1 week’s notice prior to event date.

• A minimum of 6 participants and maximum of 10 participants are required for the both activities.

• If there are less drivers / shooters on the event date than booked for, you will still need to pay IN FULL for the amount of people originally booked.

• The deposit paid is non refundable, but the karting / shooting date can be changed if required. At least 1 weeks notice is required to do so. Both Karting and Shooting will be moved to the new date. Shooting and Karting cannot be taken on different days.

• Full payment must be made prior to the event commencing. If full payment is not received prior to the event South West Karting and Mendip Shooting Ground Limited reserve the right to postpone or cancel the booking until full prepayment is made.

• Mendip Shooting Ground reserves the right, from time to time, to change the menu included in the Shooting / Karting package. In most cases the all items on the menu will be covered in the package price however there may occasionally be certain menu items that incur a supplement. Any dietary requirements should be forwarded to Mendip Shooting Ground before the date of the event.


1.Release & Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity

1.1.Motorsport, Clay Target Shooting can be dangerous. In respect of this you participate at your own risk or at your parent/guardian’s risk if you are under 16 years old.

1.2. Spectators watch at their own risk. Any person entering the ‘live’ area of the circuit, including the pitlane, or participating in Clay Target Shooting, must sign this waiver. Children spectating must be kept under close supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

1.3. South West Karting and Mendip Shooting Ground will not be held liable for any accidents, or injuries sustained through involvement in this activity.

1.4. We reserve the right to refuse karting / shooting to anyone whom we consider a risk to the safety of themselves or anyone else on the premises, including anyone suspected of being under the inlfuence of drugs or alcohol.

1.5. A shotgun licence is not required at Mendip Shooting Ground to participate in clay shooting when under supervision of a qualified instructor from the shooting ground. Your signing the above waiver confirms that you are not prohibited from using a firearm under section 21 of the 1968 Firearms Act.

2. Age Restrictions

2.1. The minimum age to participate in events and Timed Practice is 7 yrs old, with a minimum height of 1.2m.

2.2. The minimum age to participate in adult events is 16 yrs old, with a minimum height of 1.52m.

2.3. If you are acting in loco parentis for children that are not your own, by signing the waiver you guarantee that the children’s parents are aware that they are participating in a motorsport and shotgun shooting and are aware of the risks involved.

2.4. Children under the age of 16, regardless of whether they are shooting, driving or spectating, must be accompanied by an adult who must remain on the premises for the duration of the child’s stay and accept responsibility for them at all times.

2.5. If you are an adult driving with your children, you must respect the fact that the junior driver’s safety is our absolute priority. Adult karts may be speed limited for the safety of younger drivers. If you are deemed to be driving in a way that places the junior drivers at risk, then you will be removed from the track at our discretion.

2.6. Proof of age may be asked for to confirm adherence to the age restrictions above. Any driver who cannot provide suitable proof of age when requested will not be allowed to drive.

3. Clothing & Equipment

3.1. You are required to wear the approved safety equipment provided by the circuit which includes, but may not be limited to a race suit, helmet and gloves.

3.2. Junior drivers are required to wear a neck brace in conjunction with all other safety equipment.

3.3. You may bring/wear your own equipment provided it meets our minimum standards and is approved by a senior member of staff. If we feel that your gear may not meet our standards you will be required to use our equipment.

3.4. If approved by us, your helmet must be full face and Moto X helmets must be used with goggles at all times.

3.5. Loose clothing, scarves, hoods, valuables, chewing gum and any sharp objects must be removed before changing into our safety equipment for your own safety.

3.6. Long hair must be securely tucked into your suit.

3.7. Where necessary for privacy or religious purposes, you may request a private area for changing.

3.8. Footwear must be trainers or similar. High heels, open toe, slip on, platform soles and shoes without adequate support are not permitted.

3.9. Clay target shooting is an outdoor sport and weather appropriate clothing should be worn, including but not exclusively warm clothing, waterproof jackets, wellingtons / strong shoes, sun protection. It is recommended that a hat / cap is worn whilst shooting.

3.10. Mendip Shooting Ground will provide appropriate PPE for shooters and spectators. Hearing protection must be worn by shooters and spectators when on the shooting range when shooting is taking place.

4. Alcohol and Drugs

4.1. You confirm that you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4.2. Drivers / shooters who are suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be prevented from driving / shooting at the discretion of the circuit staff, for the safety of themselves and others. You will forfeit any fees paid.

5. Medical Restrictions

5.1. You confirm that you do not have a medical condition that would prevent you from driving on the road, shooting or taking part in any physical exercise.

5.2. You have told us of any other medical conditions that may be of concern so we can advise you whether it is appropriate for you or others in your group to kart / shoot. These include, but are not limited to: heart conditions, back injuries, epilepsy, amputations/artificial limbs, hearing or sight impairments, or any form of mental or physical impairment.

5.3. You understand that if you exceed of the height/weight limits that the karts are normally designed to cater for, you may not be able to participate. As a general guide drivers above 200cm (6’4″) or 114kg (18 stone) should request a private seat fitting prior to your event so that we can assess suitability. 5.4. You may not drive if you are pregnant.

6. Behaviour and Adherence to Rules

6.1. We advise you to arrive 30 minutes before your booking for safety briefing and to change into your suits and safety wear. Any driver arriving after the start of the safety briefing will not be allowed to kart / shoot.